Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dublin Docklands [Post Celtic Tiger]

Photographed using a Sigma DP1 camera.

Most compacts use smaller CCD or CMOS sensors (usually 7-9.5mm diagonally) whose pixels are just 2-3 microns wide, and use a striped or Bayer-pattern RGB filter array to help create a color image from black-and-white-sensitive pixels. At 24.9mm diagonally, the DP1's Foveon X3 Direct Image sensor measures far larger than most compact camera sensors. It also boasts 7.8-micron pixels (typical of 8-10MP DSLRs). Cameras with larger pixels tend to be more sensitive to light and have better noise performance at higher ISOs.

In addition, Foveon X3 sensors use a three-layered approach to capturing red, green, and blue information from a scene, similar to the layers in color film. In the DP1, each layer contains an array of 1768x2652 pixels (4.7MP), which Sigma and Foveon add together for 14.1MP. Claiming the DP1 has a 14.1MP sensor is controversial, since it's not in keeping with certain industry standards, such as CIPA's Effective Pixel rules, which would put it at 4.7MP.

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