Friday, April 15, 2011

The Icon Factory In Temple Bar

I am not sure if my description is accurate so you are invited to correct me if I am incorrect.

The Icon Factory is an Artist’s Co-operative based in Temple Bar.

Artists are invited to produce art based on Irish Icons such as writers, musicians, sports figures and others of cultural importance. The art thus produced is presented to the public by the Icon factory.

Below is a quote from the organizers:

Raison d’ etre.

"The driving force behind this cooperative effort grew from the realization that the culture had changed and for many of us that meant that we were on our own. It seemed to us that a seismic systemic failure across the entire landscape had occurred and that our former leaders, those who had taken us to this place were the last ones likely to get us out of the mess. No point in waiting for things to get better, they won’t, so have some fun. We were without funds but we still had our wits, so we pooled our treasure, our energy, and embraced our future rather than wait for the past to resurrect itself. Was it not an illusion anyway?"

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